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All the King’s Horses

In the short story All The King’s Horses, Colonel Bryan Kelly has to make many hard decisions and sacrifices in order to escape being a prisoner of war and stay alive. The plane he was traveling with his family, on... Continue Reading →



Act I is set in Venice. The plot of Act I of Othello is that Othello a general in the Venetian army chooses his friend Cassio as a lieutenant under him instead of his friend Iago and so to get... Continue Reading →

First Knight

There are many ways that the movie First Knight (1995) brought the stories of king Arthur and his knights of the round table to life as well as many ways in which they put new focus and plot twists into... Continue Reading →

Larger Than Life, Yet More Human Than All of Us

I believe that in so many ways a superhero doesn’t have to be truly super to be a superhero, they just have to be looked up to by those around them. In the words of Syndrome from the movie, The... Continue Reading →

Julius Caesar

Many of the characters in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare are plotting to assassinate Caesar because they see him as a tyrant and don’t agree that he is rightfully the ruler of rome, and because they no longer... Continue Reading →

Nothing is Illuminated

Contemporary Lit prompt: A great deal of postmodern and contemporary thought focuses on the thin, perhaps non-existent, line between fact and fiction. Some very early novels (Robinson Crusoe for example), went out of their way to seem to be real,... Continue Reading →

It Could Go Either Way

Contemporary Lit prompt: Foer is part of what many critics call a "new guard in Jewish-American writing" alongside writers like Nathan Englander. This "new guard" builds from a tradition of Jewish-American authors like Philip Roth and Bernard Malamud. Critics like... Continue Reading →

The Holocaust

Anti-Semitism, prejudice, and discrimination against the Jews has existed since their beginning and can be traced throughout history. In the 1930s and 40s it was starting to become the popular and accepted thought pattern and theory throughout most of Europe,... Continue Reading →

Dark Humor Vs. Ironic Humor

Contemporary Lit prompt: If we mean to contemplate the contemporary in any definitive sense, we need to compare. Suman Gupta suggests, in Contemporary Literature: The Basics, that all contemporary texts are intertextual. This word, to him, has a great deal... Continue Reading →

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