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Even More Poetry

Hey guys here's some more poetry for you: Exhaustion 8/23/17 by Rae May Is it time to go home yet? I'm so tired I just want to go home and watch a movie Can I just punch out early and... Continue Reading →


Power Outage at work

So I know that the whole "I'm gonna post a blog every week" thing isn't working so I'm just gonna try to post something every single day so that way you will most likely get at least one post per... Continue Reading →

Some More Poetry

Hey guys. So I know I keep posting these blogs late and at the moment that seems to be because Sunday seems to be the only day of the week that I really actually have time to write them, so... Continue Reading →

Disney Trip

Um, yeah, so I know I keep getting these posts out late, and I'm just gonna say that is because, well, life, I have other things I need to do as well like work. I like actually have a job... Continue Reading →

More Poetry

Hey guys sorry this post is late, but at least you get one this week. I got so caught up in everything else I needed to do and get done that I forgot to post a blog. I know this... Continue Reading →

Grocery Store Costumers and Why They Make Me Angry

So I know I told you guys I would post 2 blogs and week but lately I've been really busy so I have to cut it down to 1 a week instead until I have more time. I also told... Continue Reading →


I am now out of things to write on this blog for you guys, but I've been writing poetry since this past August, So I've decided to share it with you for my next series of blogs. Most of the... Continue Reading →

Young, Black, and On Trial

As I was reading Monster, many things stuck out to me, one that was especially prominent and that spoke to me was a conversation between the main character, Steve Harmon, and his defense attorney, Kathy O’Brian, which went like this,... Continue Reading →

Why I Loved This Class

Here's why I loved the Young Adult and Adolescent Literature class I took in college Overall I loved Young Adult Literature as a class. I loved the books we were assigned in this class. I also loved the other reading... Continue Reading →

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