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Ninth Set of Poetry

Hey guys it's been a couple days but here's some poetry for your enjoyment: Suicide? 10/14/17 By Rae May Should I? Should I not? Where did that Happy-go-lucky little Girl go? How can I find her? Get her back? Pills... Continue Reading →


Losing My Best Friend

Hey, guys, I'm back. I wanted to talk about a loss I experienced. About two months ago, back in early December of 2018, I had to end my relationship with my best friend, Tia, due to unwanted and unneeded drama.... Continue Reading →

Poetry #8

Here is some poetry for your enjoyment: Chris 10/11/17 By Rae Mae I saw you walk in Knew I wanted you Thought I loved you Longing For you Wanting to be with you Maybe I love you Spill my secrets... Continue Reading →

Short Story #1

Hey guys. I wrote my first short story the other day. I wrote it for a writing prompt assessment for a new job. I figured I would post it here for your enjoyment. It doesn't have a title yet but... Continue Reading →

Poetry the Seventh

It's been a while since I posted something but here is some more poetry for your enjoyment: Summer 9/19/17 By Rae May Sunny skies Shorts Popsicles and watermelons Juice dripping down your chin No school No where to go The... Continue Reading →

Getting fit and losing weight

Hi everyone! I think this post might be a little shorter than my average post. So a few weeks ago I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. Since then I have been eating significantly less sugar and more and... Continue Reading →

More and More Poetry

Hey guys! Here is some more of my poetry for your enjoyment: Pain 9/8/17 By Rae May Oh, it hurts! Can I not feel this right now? Can I just feel bliss? The aching, searing, tearing Hurt and more hurt... Continue Reading →

Wedding with my Best Friend

Hello everyone! So I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, like as in a few months since I posted anything but here I am posting something new. I know I've said this before but I think I... Continue Reading →

Lots More Poetry

Here's some more of my poetry for you guys. The first one is how I used to feel about one of my close guy friends who I like as potentially more than a friendĀ  but will never have a chance... Continue Reading →

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