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Losing Innocence

One theme that I saw come up in both This One Summer and The Outsiders is the idea of the loss of innocence. This being the idea that we all have to at some point let go of our innocence... Continue Reading →


The Relationship of Snape and Harry

One thing that spoke to me in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone was the way Harry is treated by Snape. This spoke to me because I do not like the way he treats Harry as if he is stupid... Continue Reading →

The Reasons We Fight

One of the many things that come up repeatedly in The Outsiders is the idea of fighting. Usually it’s when it comes up in the book it means physically fighting in a rumble most of the time for a place... Continue Reading →

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

I noticed that in the young adult novel Ash, that for the main character, Aisling, whose nickname is Ash, from the beginning of the story, things just seem to get worse and worse and don’t seem to have any hope... Continue Reading →

Love Overcomes or Maybe Not

One thing that spoke to me personally when I was reading The Tale of Despereaux was the idea that love overcomes evil. I didn’t really agree with this and it was hard to read the book because it kind of... Continue Reading →

Ignorance and Prejudice

I hated reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers, I mean it was a good book but some of its content was annoying to me. What was annoying to me about it was the prejudice and ignorance through out the whole... Continue Reading →

My Mad Fat Diary

The Television series My Mad Fat Diary can be relatable to everyone in one way or another. I know that I myself have struggled with a lot of the things with which Rae herself struggles. I was once a sixteen... Continue Reading →

Women Being Hidden

In chapter 3 of A Room Of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf talks about how women throughout history in big events and in literature were often not given credit for what they did or hid behind a veil. She talks about... Continue Reading →

The Words Feminist and Feminism

In her book, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, Bell Hooks talks about the words, feminist and feminism in the contexts of their definitions and uses. She discusses how their definitions and connotations have changed and evolved throughout history to... Continue Reading →

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