By: Rachel Lyle, May 5th, 2017

I am currently at Senior at Delaware Valley College and it is now the middle of my very last finals week, the last week of undergrad finals that I will ever experience, which started yesterday Thursday May 4th and will end next week on Wednesday May 10th. I will then be graduating three days later on Saturday May 13th with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. During the semester that is now ending I took a class called Publications in which we learned how to write blogs and the different ways we could make them interesting as well as about the different kinds of blogs we could write and how to write them. I enjoyed this class so much that I wanted to start writing my own personal blog after the class was over, and the class ended about a week ago. College for me has been a long hard 4 years for me but it has also been lots of fun. I’ve had so many good fun experiences during my time and have learned a lot as well. I’m glad to be done because I no longer have to deal with going to class everyday, doing homework, getting good grades, and still balance that with life outside of class but I’ll miss the many fun opportunities that I had and I’ll miss the many amazing wonderful people who I met and now feel like family to me.

When I first started my Publications class I realized that I wanted to keep blogging on my own but I realized I had no idea what I wanted it to be about and what the general topic for the blog would be. Then I realized I have a four long year arsenal of experiences through what I did in college. So that’s what I am going to to do with this blog tell about my experience during college. I have some many experiences from the last four years and I want to share them somehow, not just what I did at college but what I did outside of college on breaks and days off that I want to share, which is where this blog will come in handy.

I also want to periodically skatter throughout this blog the things happening in my life after college and what I will be doing after college, my experiences post Bachelor’s Degree and up through grad school. I want to share what I learned in college and what I learn post graduation not only that but the fun things too. I plan on a year off of school between getting my Bachelor’s and getting my Master’s and I plan to have as much fun as possible in that year and even in the years during which I am in grad school. So in this blog I will be sharing the happy and the sad, the good and the bad, the ugly, and the pretty, the boring and the fun, I will be sharing with anyone who reads this blog the roller coaster of experiences and emotions that is my life both in college and out of college.