So guys, guess what, guess what. I did a thing. You wanna know what thing I did? I graduated last Saturday and it was awesome. It was so much fun. I now officially have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literary Studies from Delaware Valley University. I’m so excited about it and I’ve been excited about it since the beginning of the semester. I got to eat breakfast with my younger sister, Mary, my parents, and my grandmother before the commencement ceremony and it was so fun. I had a stole that said 2017 on one side and ΑΦΩ on the other (for those of you who don’t know that’s Alpha Phi Omega) to represent the fact that I was an active brother in my co-ed fraternity and hopefully I will be again when I go to grad school for a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences.

I waited the whole of this past semester for it to come and it felt like it would never come but when it did I didn’t believe that it had actually come and it didn’t feel like it was really here. It was the exact definition of mixed emotions. I was happy that it was finally here but sad that I had to say good bye. I was nervous and scared because of what my future might hold and because I am entering the real world but at the same time I was excited because I was finally done with my undergrad diploma and I wouldn’t have to worry about anymore homework until a year from now when I go to grad school. I didn’t feel real until I received my name card at the bottom of the ramp and I walking up the ramp in line with the other graduates and that was when I felt like it was really happening and I was really receiving my Bachelor’s degree. I even decorated my cap. I wrote “Cheshire entering Wonderland” in yellow duct tape and underneath that I put a picture of the Cheshire Cat’s face because I am in the disney family line in my fraternity and my brother name is Cheshire like the Cheshire Cat.

Several of my extended family members came to see me walk across the stage that day, besides my parents, my older brother, Abe, and the above mentioned Mary, Abe’s girlfriend, Taylor, and her mother, Holleen, were there along with my grandmother, Pat my aunt Pati and uncle Allan, my great aunt Karen, and three of my second cousins, Sammy, Cindy, and Vincent. It was awesome for me to be able to share that moment with them and have them watch me walk across the stage that day and receive my diploma from Dr. Gallo, the president of Delaware Valley University. I then got to hug my Deparment chair, Dr. Maisel, and have all my teachers from the English department clap for me as walked past them on the way back to my seat among the rest of the graduates.

After the ceremony was over I got flowers from my parents, and flowers from Abe and Taylor. Then we went back to my house so I could put the flowers in water and then everyone except for Holleen, who had to work after the ceremony, went to Okaa, A Hibachi restaurant in Doylestown, for a delicious, fun, and entertaining lunch where we took lots of pictures. I also received several hundred dollars in gifts from family members, most of which I put in my savings account to go towards the many trips that I want to take this year. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know what Hibachi is look it up, because I am not going to explain it to you in this post.