By: Rachel Lyle, June 9th, 2017

I took a World Literature course during my time in college. At one point we read several poems from a collection of poetry by Pablo Neruda who is a writer from Chile. The poems we read were translated into English and many of them were odes. In one of the classes during the time that we were reading these poems the teacher had us take some time to write our own ode to something that we love. This was the ode that I wrote.

Books: An Ode

By Rachel Lyle

The beautiful smell of books

Like roses
The stacks on the floor with

Wrinkles and dents

Rips and tears
Bags like black holes filled

To the top with books

Many shapes and sizes

Books on fantasy
And fiction like a mind
In a faraway land

History and science
To explain more

About the world

Stacks like skyscrapers

Reaching to the heavens

Old and new
Worn and torn
Fresh and clean

Falling apart
Never been read

Books like friends
To keep you company

On shelves and dressers

On floors and chairs

I love books and I love to read which is why I got a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and why I wrote an ode to books.

Sorry this blog is kind of short I couldn’t really think of anything else to write about this poem.