By: Rachel Lyle, June 16th, 2017

In JLA: A League Of One, Wonder Woman hears the Amazonian Oracle prophesy her death, as well as the death of the rest of the Justice League in battle against a great and mighty dragon of old that has slumbered for hundreds of years and has just now recently awakened. She listens to the Oracle intently and carefully:

“Princess Diana, it is unwise to hear ones own fate.” “I am not afraid.” “Then attend, the tides run swift beneath the earth. Six hands gather the skein of fate. Three mouths whisper. One eye gazes o’er the world. What it sees shall come to pass. What they whisper, I shall speak. In the north a serpent stirs, waking from her ageless slumber. Stolen god is heaped about, her, rings and gems and signs of power. From the depths, the dragon rises, burning hope and love to cinders. From the sky, The League of Justice, down from Luna’s face come riding. Trumpet sounds and scabbard rings, the war to rule the world begins. This is what the fates decree. This is what the one eye sees. Ancient serpent brought to bay, dies upon a golden spear. Brave hearts riding unto death save the living world from fear. In victory the heroes fall. Dragon slaying, as she’s slain. Good and evil, joined in death. Hades’ Gates admit the twain.” “Wait! Please I have to ask you…” “Peace, Diana of the Amazons. I am but Destiny’s echo.” (A League of One Pg. 19 Box 3-Pg. 20 Box 3)

Because of this Wonder Woman devises a plan to disable the other members of The Justice League, rendering them incapable to fight against the dragon, so that she defeats the dragon alone. She does not want to let the other members risk their lives to help her defeat this enemy because she is going to sacrifice herself for the safe keeping of the rest of The Justice League so that they will still be alive afterwards so that they can help to defeat other evils and enemies in the future.


In many ways because the it was the Amazonian Oracle that prophesied her death and because she was the one and only sole member of the league that was there to hear and witness the prophecy and she is the only one who knows of the prophecy she sees this as something she needs to do alone without the help of others. In many ways she see defeating this dragon as a demon she needs to face down alone and no one else will be able to help her do it because they don’t understand what she is going through and what’s going on in her mind. Only she knows the prophecy, so only she understands and knows what she needs to do and that this is the only way it can happen.

She sees this as away of facing down her own demons deep inside herself and a way that her own demons manifesting themselves in a tangible way, a way that she can hold in her hand, as physical thing in her real life. She sees her facing the Dragon as the only way she both face down her demons and sacrifice herself while keeping the rest of The Justice League alive for and through another battle. This is what she believes and she is sticking to it and making it happen in a any way she has to no matter what, whether other people like it or not, whether other people know what she’s doing or not, “This…. is no dinosaur, Batman. It’s a dragon. An ancient power. The bane of the world. And, as Hera is my witness, how dare you call me a coward. I…. know what you’re doing. Trying to goad me into making a mistake. But it won’t work, Batman. There’s too much at stake.” (A League of One Pg. 54 Box 1-Pg. 55 Box 4).

In A League of One, Wonder Woman is using a fight with an ancient dragon, recently awakened from many thousands years of slumber as a way to face down her demons in a tangible physical way and at the same time sacrificing herself to save her fellow members in The Justice League. She sees this as the only way and she is not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of her goal.