By: Rachel Lyle, July 7th, 2017

I took a Contemporary Literature class while I was at DelVal and as part of the class was every class the teacher posted a discussion board where we either had to respond to the prompt or response to someone else’s response

Here was one prompt about a book called: The Sense of an Ending: 

Obviously, discuss the ending. This ending gets a lot of unhappy responses. Do you, too, dislike the conclusion? Or do you see something else in what Barnes is attempting here?

Here was my Response:

I enjoyed the ending of The Sense Of An Ending. In my opinion it was befitting ending to the plot line of the book. I have to say that it cleared up a lot for me about what happened in the book. I will admit that I think was just as naive as Toby was until my confusion was cleared up at the same time that Terry told Tony it was not Veronica who was his mother but Veronica’s Mother, “‘Mary isn’t his mother. Mary’s his sister. Adrian’s mother died about six months ago. He took it very badly. That’s why he’s been…having problems lately.’” (Pg.161). My thought process was just the same as Tony’s when he found out that the tall man with the glasses who appeared to be mentally disabled was Adrain’s son, in assuming that Adrian had slept with Veronica and she was his mother. When I read the ending I was able to understand more the reason’s behind Adrain’s suicide. I now understand that because of asshole like letter that Tony wrote to Adrian and Veronica, Adrain slept with Veronica’s mother instead of Veronica. When he found out she was pregnant with a child who wouldn’t be considered “normal” in societies eyes he knew he would be able to handle being the child’s father and couldn’t take it so he “took the easy way out” and killed himself. This in Adrian’s mind was the only logical and the easiest and quickest escape from the consequences he brought upon himself by the choices he’s made. I see Veronica as blaming Tony for the situation she is not living in with a brother who was not normal because of the that way Tony treated her and Adrian in the letter he sent them. She blames him because of the revenge he wanted on Adrian and Veronica because Veronica left him for Adrian, “Part of me hopes you’ll have a child, because I’m a great believer in time’s revenge, yea unto the next generation and the next. See Great Art….It would be unjust to inflict on some innocent fetus the prospect of discovering that it was the fruit pf your loins, if you’ll excuse the poeticism. So keep rolling the Durex onto his spindly cock, Veronica.” (Pg. 105). She sees him being at fault for causing Adrian to sleep her mother and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Tony and won’t give him Adrian’s diary because of it. Tony understands her reasons and because of them he no longer sees the situation as any of his business and leaves it alone in the end which I see as a fitting ending for the way the story went.