By: Rachel Lyle, July 28th, 2017

Another Contemporary Lit Discussion Prompt: Write about A Visit From the Goon Squad. One rule: do not write about it like you have written about everything else in these posts. Write differently. Write personally. Write abstractly. Write a poem. Write with images. Give me a video blog. This is not due until Thursday’s class. Don’t kill yourselves doing this. Have fun.

My Response:

“Good night, Noreen”


They moved to Crandale but didn’t fit in, didn’t assimilate

Months and months of waiting for country club membership

Finally in the locker room, “Hello”

Kathy to Stephanie

A year before being invited to a neighborhood party

Where Kathy asked Stephanie to play tennis


A few months later

Kath and Steph could be friends

Steph is high in the peeking

Does Kathy know Stephanie hates her

Hates everyone in this neighborhood

This neighborhood full of two-faced bitches

Does Kathy Think Bennie is a terriorist

Does everyone else think he is

Should they move or should they stay


Jules got out of jail

And came to live

With them in Crandale

But stops trying to find a job as journalist

The way he wanted to

Stephanie lied about the time of her interview

With Bosco to Bennie

She goes at the time she told Bennie and Jules tags along

Does Bennie know she’s been lying

About going to work and not going to play tennis

Does Jules know somethings wrong


Bosco is awake when she arrives

But was’t expecting her till 3

Bosco wants to go on tour for his new album

But he has no writer and

If he tries it’s guaranteed that he won’t survive to the end

Jules is a writes and it’s going to be a suicide tour

Everything is wrong for Stephanie but

She can’t explain it to anyone


Stephanie arrives at the office

Her boss is a bitch but she has to deal with it

To Crandale to pick up Chris from Soccer

Frozen chicken thighs go in water to thaw

Steph goes up stairs to take a shower with Bennie

Bennie slept with Kathy but

Stephanie can’t confront him

Too much remorse, too much guilt

Outside she goes to sit for a while

Noreen sitting next to her

It felt so long

“Good night, Noreen”

“Good night”