Here is a proposal that I wrote for a project I had to do for my History of the English Language class. It consisted of a short power point with a handout and a 10 to 15 page paper along with a short summary of two of the articles we used and a compilation of information we had for a conference with the professor.

Your Name: Rachel Lyle

Your Broad Topic: The Language of the Internet

Your Narrowed Topic: I would like to do my project on is the language of the internet specifically in the form it takes in texting. I would like to talk about the idea of things in texting such as abbreviation’s, leaving out words, emoji’s, misspelling’s, etc. in the content of a text and why it has become this way and why people use it. I would include a timeline of how it has become this way and how it has changed and evolved over the years. I would like to discuss how it is used and the meanings of these abbreviations, and etc. I would also explain the ways in which it could and may be affecting the English language or changing the English language or even in the eyes of some people killing the English language.

Your Interest in the Topic: Even though I am a similar age to many of the people use texting language or emoji’s I don’t always keep up with what’s cool or in when texting and I always seem to be out of the loop on many things, because of this I have always had an interest in what is used for texting and what is not. I also love to read and listen to a lot of different kinds of music and I’ve noticed that it has become popular to rewrite old books or write new books in the form of texting conversations as well as write song lyrics using texting abbreviations and I wanted to find out more about this new phenomenon and find out what makes it so popular and why people find in so appealing.

Complete citations for 2 sources on the subject:

Drexeler, Peggy., “The Importance of Being Fluent in The Language of Texting” Forbes, 2014/06/23/the-importance-of-being-fluent-in-the-language-of-texting/#6f0f3bb22c63

McWhorter, John., “Is Texting Killing the English Language?” TIME, 15 Apr. 2013 http://

What you’ve learned so far about the topic: So far I have learned that you can use one emoji and it can mean a whole sentence or it just replace a word or other part of a sentence. I know that IDK means I don’t know, LOL means Laughing Out Loud, tl;dr means too long; didn’t read, and smh means shaking my head. I also know that some parts of texting are effecting how people speak english or write homework assignments and professional emails in that they try to add emoji’s or abbreviate so that it doesn’t look professional and the receiver doesn’t understand the message they are trying to send or the argument in a homework assignment or class paper.

URLs for 2 websites:, and