Here is a playlist I made based on Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher that I made for the final project in my Young Adult Literature class: I chose to do a playlist based on the book Thirteen Reasons Why because this book is about the point of view of someone who committed suicide and my nineteen year old brother attempted suicide about a year ago and was hospitalize for four days because of it. I decided to do a playlist because I felt to be the most fitting since hannah in the book chose to write her suicide note in the form of a series of tapes. I picked all songs by women because the book is about a girl who committed suicide and thus in my opinion that fact relates to the book.

1. I picked “Secrets” by Mary Lambert for the first song because it describes Hannah’s feelings through the whole of the tapes and one of the reasons she was doing the tapes. As the song says she doesn’t care if the world knows what her secrets are, her shit wasn’t in order. She also doesn’t seem to care if she is sharing other people’s secrets or that the world knows what their secrets are either.

2. I picked “I Am One of Them” By Aly & Aj because like the song says she was one of them. She was one of those people who seems to have every disaster possible happen to them. She was one of those people whose life just seems to be nothing but a thing for people to make into a joke, and to just go through constant suffering from all sides.


3. I picked “The Girl You Think I Am” by Carrie Underwood because she knows that many people see her as a strong girl who endures so many things but she also thinks that she can’t be that girl. She seems to want to be that girl but she thinks she can’t change who she is and she sees to alternative to suicide so she kills herself.

4. “I Want Nothing” by Kerli is the song I would use to describe Hannah’s experiences with Justin Foley on tape 1 side A. She had her first kiss with him and all she wanted was to be with him. She didn’t want anything more from him that night, just wanted him to be her first kiss. As the song says she wanted nothing more after that except a relationship but he turned it around and started spreading rumors about her and saying she was a slut and a whore and treating her that way.

5. “Forgot to Laugh” by Bridgit Mendler is how I would describe Hannah’s experience with Alex Standall and his list on cassette 1 side B. She knows that the list was supposed to be just a joke but the reality she sees is that Alex Standall is truly the joke in this situation. She sees this situation in the words of the song so funny she forgot to laugh. She sees him treating her like a bimbo and she is asking him why.

6. “Towers” by Little Mix is how I would describe Hannah’s relationship with Jessica Davis and Alex Standall on tape 2 side A. She sees them as what used to be towers, they were so strong and suddenly they were gone and they no longer had a relationship at all.

7. “Dirty Laundry” by Carrie Underwood is how I would describe what Hannah said about Tyler Down on tape 2 side B. She found out his dirty laundry was being a Peeping Tom and she is stringing this all on a line for the whole world to see. She is putting his dirty laundry on display so that everyone knows who he truly is and what he actually does.


8. “What About Me “ by Cascada is what Hannah is saying to Courtney Crimson on tape 3 side A. She is asking what about Hannah, what about her feelings. Did she even care about Hannah as a person? Hannah was longing for a friend to touch her heart. She wanted to be friends with Courtney and she decided to get close to Hannah to use her for things like a ride to a party or to get back at Tyler, but did she even care about Hannah, did Hannah really matter to her?

9. “Walkashame” by Meghan Trainor is how I would describe her “date” with Marcus Cooley on tape 3 side B. They both in a way did their own walk of shame. She had to push him off the bench of the booth they were sitting at because he tried to take advantage of her and that was her only defense. He then had to do a walk of shame out of Rosie’s because everyone in the diner witnessed it and saw him walk out. She did a walk of shame because she had to sit in the booth until he was gone with everyone staring at her and she also had to be humiliated because he was a half an hour late. As the song says everyone does the walk of shame at some point but this case shows sometimes it is done for the wrong reasons.

10. “Hurt Me” by Kerli is the song I would use to describe the tension that comes between her and Zach Dempsey on tape 4 side A. When he took her notes from her paper bag in Peer Communications class she thought he was trying to hurt her. She thought he just wanted to see her helplessly crawling on the floor obviously not literally but figuratively. So she wrote him a note to see if he just wanted to get a rise out of her and the note scared the shit out of him.

11. “Fairytale” by Sara Bareilles would be my way to describe when Ryan Shaver stole Hannah’s poem on tape 4 side B. She gave him the poem he printed in the newspaper as a private thing between the two of them. He then turned it into his fairytale where he could pretend he found it somewhere and print it anonymously. She is trying to say he stole the poem and this isn’t his fairytale to make up what happened have that be what reality is. This isn’t his fairytale to decide whether his taking the poem and reprinting it without her permission is stealing it or not.


12. “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift is the way I would describe the party with Clay Jensen on tape 5 side A. She saw a way to start over and begin again through Clay and a relationship with him but she told him to stop and didn’t want to let it happen. She doesn’t blame him for anything or for adding to the snowball. She blames herself for not letting him help her begin again and she can’t seem to come to terms with that.

13. “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez would be how I would describe what Bryce Walker did to Jessica in the bedroom on tape 5 side B. He raped her because he just couldn’t seem to be able to keep his hands to himself and the uppers seemed town out over the downs in that situation.

14. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift would be what I would use to explain what happened with Jenny Kurts on tape 6 side A. She tried to be friends with Jenny and she wanted to be friends with her. She caught a ride with Jenny to get to know her and thought they might be able to have so many good times with her but Jenny wounded her when she claimed not to be drunk when she wasn’t blaming her for being drunk. Hannah was just trying to help Jenny and make sure they both got home safe and then Jenny rubbed salt in that wound by kicking Hannah out of her car. Because of this they have bad blood between them and so even if hannah was still alive they wouldn’t be able to be friends.


15. “Womanizer” by Britney Spears is the way I would describe how Bryce Walker treated Hannah on tape 6 side B. She knew he was a womanizer who used women for his own purposes without caring about them and that made what he did to her all the worse. He raped her which she let happen and it just added to her suicidal tendencies and just made her life all that much more worse than it was.

16. “If Only” by Dove Cameron is the song I would use to explain what happened with Mr. Porter on tape 7 side A. She is saying if only you knew what was going on inside my head. If only I could figure it out myself and explain it to you it wouldn’t have turned out this way. If only you understood what I was going through you would have said something different and actually tried to help me by not letting me live until we worked everything through.

17. I picked “Fuck You” by Lily Allen to describe tape 7 side B and the book in general. She said “Thank You” at the end of the tapes but in reality she has been saying Fuck You all very, very much but saying it in a nice way, hiding behind pleasantries. She was being ironic in the same way the up beat music of the song is being ironic to the words, she is explaining why she committed suicide nicely but doing it to say fuck you to everyone who caused it.

18. The last song on this playlist is “Innocence” baby Avril Lavigne. I would use this to show Tony’s innocence. He is innocent and that’s great and he thinks it’s great but at the same time despite the awesomeness of his innocence he sees it as a burden. He has this innocence but he can’t use it because he has to use it to keep the second set of tapes in case some one on the list doesn’t listen to the tapes. Because he is innocent and has done nothing to add or subtract to what Hannah has been through he has to be the one to keep the tapes.