Many of the characters in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare are plotting to assassinate Caesar because they see him as a tyrant and don’t agree that he is rightfully the ruler of rome, and because they no longer want him as king this is their way to rebel and rise against him. This causes the conflict of those that know about this plot and are for Caesar trying to protect him but not being able to because they don’t know when it will happen. This can be compared to the Monarchy of England because there were often tyrants ruling over the British empire and there were many plots against the monarchy but these were often different from the one in the play because in most instances the ruler would find out about the plot and have those involved killed for treason or heresy, or something similar.

There is much imagery in Julius Caesar including many omens against him, which many of them show if there is truly a difference between fate and free will, because if Caesar had heeded them would have been able to change his ending and stopped the assassination? This could also be compared to the assassination plots against the monarchy and how if they knew about the pot the assassins would be punished but if they did not know the monarch was doomed to die.

One of the many themes of Julius Ceasar is power and how too much can be someones downfall. Caesar was given so much power that he became a tyrant and that caused him to have a downfall. Another theme is manipulation and how it can be used to bring those in power down.


Those plotting against him used manipulation to get Caesar to come when they were going to assassinate him. This can be used to show how many tyrant rulers of the British empire had their downfall.

Rome in Julius Caesar can be used as a symbol for human beings as individuals, like how human actions can have consequences and can bring people their knees, the decisions made by the roman empire as a whole eventually began to have consequences in the long run and started to cause the decline and fall of the empire and eventually brought the empire to its knees in the end.