Am I more of a Biophilic person or more of a Technophilic person? I am not really sure of the answer but if I had to pick one I would say I am a Biophilic person. I do use my computer and my phone a lot more than I would like and they in many ways have become lifelines for me but only for reasons that are temporary. I don’t really like to admire the architecture of a building I would rather sit in a garden or by a river or body of water and read a book, watch the clouds, or the animals that go by, or admire a beautiful lake or river.

I love to read but I don’t really like do it inside, so I don’t really like the winter and cold because I can’t really sit in my backyard or outside somewhere and read during this time. I love when it’s warm or hot outside because it means I can go sit outside sit under a tree or by a lake or brook and enjoy a cool breeze while I sit and watch the clouds or read a book.

I also love to go camping and hiking. When I was in middle school and high school I used to go on retreats with my youth group and I loved it so much. We went white water rafting a few times, cliff jumped into creeks many times, swam in lakes and other natural bodies of water, hiked through miles and miles of woods, and studied the bible while sitting next to waterfalls in the woods and I looked forward to every hiking and camping trip we took together and I always had tons of fun no matter who went on those trips with us. I also used to go on an annual camping retreat with my homeschool group growing up and we would stay in wooden cabins, have camp fires, roast marshmallows and hot dogs, have a talent show, and go creek stomping, hiking, row boating, and canoeing. I also used to go on an annual camping trip with my family and another family that went to the church we used to attend. These were two trips I looked forward to every year and were often the highlights of the springtime for me.


Another thing I love doing is going to the beach. My youth group would organize a day trip every summer to Island Beach State Park in New Jersey and every summer my family goes on an annual week long trip to either Rehoboth Beach in Delaware or Ocean City in New Jersey and these were often the high points of my summer. I love diving into the waves and being tumbled around and through the water. I loved sitting under and umbrella or laying out in the sun to read a book or playing in the sand, making castles and burying other people and getting buried up to my neck. I always looked forward to these trips and I still look forward going with my family every year because I had fun in nature with other people in my life.

I love camping and hiking because it is refreshing for me to be in nature. I love being out in nature enjoying it’s beauty and sleeping under the stars and not worrying about the next day or the things I need to do when I get home. I love unplugging myself from technology and society and just going out and enjoying the beauty and refreshment that nature brings to life. I wish I could just turn off my phone, leave my laptop unplugged and let it run out of battery and just skip town to go live in the woods or on the beach without having to worry about school, work, or any other pressures of society.


I don’t have my drivers license or a car and if it weren’t for my parents repeatedly telling me that I need to get a ride or should call them for a ride to and from places I would walk everywhere I go. I love to walk. I do not care what anybody else says, I will walk everywhere and living in a small town I can walk everywhere I need to go and I am going to take advantage of that. I am not going to burden other people with having to give me a ride everywhere, so I am going to walk and if it means I get to be outside both enjoying nature and getting exercise at the same time then I will take every opportunity I can get to walk to my destination.

I can do without my cellphone. The only reason I have one is so I can talk to my parents so that they know where I am and what’s going on, or in case they need to get ahold of me or I need to get ahold of in case of an emergency. If my parents didn’t want to know where I was and what I was doing every second of the day then I couldn’t care less if I had a cellphone or not. I do also use my cellphone to talk to and make plans with my friends but there are other ways of communicating with other people so I would get rid of my cellphone if I could. I could deal without having a laptop as well. The top reason I have it is because I need it for homework and to access my homework assignments. I need it more for writing papers and essays and looking up things for research projects than anything else. If I hadn’t choose to go to college I could care less if I had a laptop, I would get rid of it in an instant if it weren’t for the homework I need it to finish.

After writing all of this I have decided that I am a Biophilic person. I love being outdoors. I enjoy hiking, cliff jumping into bodies of water, camping, going to the beach, and swimming in natural pools, such as lakes, and ponds. I love to go outside and sit and read a book, cloud watch, or just enjoy nature and its beauty. Being outside in nature brings refreshment and renewal for me even if doing things like hiking or swimming in the ocean are tiring and take work. I don’t care how tired I am after the exercise of a good hike through the woods or swim in the ocean, I still feel very refreshed and renewed afterwards. Being outdoors bring strength for me and it gives me new energy, in a sense it reenergizes and makes me feel whole again after the worries and work of daily life have started ware and weigh down on me and tire me out. I don’t care what anyone else says I would throw away my phone and my laptop in an instant if I could and I would walk everywhere if the people care about me would let me do it. No matter what other people say about me, I have biophilia inside of me.