Here is my idea of a re-set for two of Shakespeare’s many famous plays:

The Taming of The Shrew:

• Katharine played by Emma Watson

• Petruchio played by Eddie Redmayne

• The scene is set in the world of the TV show Supernatural. The setting is a the dimly-lit dining room of a home in the small suburban town of Bedford, Iowa. The characters are sitting around a small oval dining table and Katharine is standing on a chair at the head of the table giving her warning speech to the other women and any unmarried women in the audience.

• Katharine and the other women are wearing peasant blouses and long peasant skirts. Petruchio and the other men are wearing khakis and button down shirts.

• Katharine is really, secretly a siren in disguise as a human. She is going along with what Petruchio says, acting as if whatever he says goes, and giving him what he wants in order to seduce him and keep him under her spell. Sirens put their spell on other people with their saliva, which is why Katharine kisses Petruchio every time asks or tells her to, in order for him to be under her spell and stay under it.


• Othello, or The Moor played by Simon Pegg

• Desdemona played by Anna Popplewell


• The scene is set in the world of the UK TV show Doctor Who. The setting is a small, dimly-light bedroom with nothing but a bed, a small nightstand with a lamp on it, and a Wardrobe. The bed is made with plain white Sheets, and pillowcase and a plain white blanket. Desdemona lying asleep on top of the bedcovers with Othello standing over her.

• Desdemona is wearing a plain white ankle length nightgown and Othello is wearing long flowing red robe.

• Othello is a Time Lord known to people only as The Moor his real name is Othello but the others don’t know this. Time Lords are usually referred to by a title, such as The Doctor or The Master, rather then their real name. It is rare that those outside of the Time Lord race know the real name of a Time Lord. Desdemona is The Moor’s companion whom he has suspected of running off with another Time Lord, The Traveller. The Moor has traces of the deadly poison of the Judas Tree on his lips. These traces are just enough to kill Desdemona when he kisses her. When Desdemona awakes after he kisses her she tastes the poison on her lips and closes her eyes in death directly after he says “Ay. Desdemona.”

I originally did this for an assignment for a required literature class called Shakespeare in Italy that I took while I still in college but I still had it on my computer and didn’t want it to go to waste by just dumping it in my trash folder so I decided to share again with all of you, my lovely readers and followers, on my wonderful, awesome, not boring blog.