Today I am sitting in a small square pavilion by Lake Archer at Delaware Valley University. Lake Archer is a small man-made pond in the middle of the small DelVal campus. The pond is surrounded mostly by trees and a few small patches of forest. An asphalt path runs around most of it with a split log fence running along side the path. On one side of the pond are some barns and next to that is the presidents house on the opposite side of the pond from those buildings on the side of the asphalt path opposite the lake there is a set of brick and wood steps going up a small hill to a parking lot leading to some of the campus’s academic buildings. Coming off the steps is a small observation deck with a few benches.

Although Lake Archer is a man-made pond it was made to look natural and be a natural environment for animals to come and take refuge in and to live, so that students can study them and so that animals can have a place to live if their own home has been destroyed in some way or another. It is also beautiful because it is nature in the middle of a small town suburban campus and because of this it is unexpected and it is somewhere to go to find sanctuary and enjoy nature and take a break from all the stresses of life without having to travel far. Students can come here to take a break and enjoy nature just by taking a short walk from their dorms to experience nature while still staying on campus in the middle of the suburbs. It might not seem like much but once you find time to experience it you’ll see how beautiful it actually is and how much it truly is piece of nature despite being in the middle of campus.


The pond itself is small and murky but it is still beautiful and refreshing when you are tired of being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of campus life. It looks murky and dirty but it is home to many kinds of fish, plants, and marine life. It is a good spot for fishing, I’ve never fished in it myself, other people on campus do, but the school doesn’t allow you to keep the fish you catch, so you have to throw them back. The immediate vicinity of the pond is surrounded by trees, as I said before, these being weeping willows, pine trees, oak trees, and several other kinds of trees. The very edges of the pond are covered in large amounts of leaves and some of these leaves are in the water itself on the edges where the water is more clear and less murky. I said earlier I am sitting in a small square pavilion on one side of the pond. This pavilion is near the asphalt path and has a bench on two sides of it facing each other, the other two sides of the pavilion are completely open. On the opposite side of the pond is a small stone bench.

It’s currently lightly raining with a quiet pitter-patter sound. I can hear birds loudly chirping, a few crickets chirping and cars driving in the distance. I just saw and heard two geese fly into the pond and they are now swimming there peacefully minding their own business being the beautiful creatures God made them to be. I can see the water lightly rippling. It is dusk and I can’t see the sun because the sky is covered in sad, gray clouds and it is somewhat foggy. It is cold but not too cold, it’s a comfortable cold, warm enough for me to wear a light jacket and be a little cold but not care because I am not freezing and I’m not going to put on a warmer jacket. There are many rocks jutting out of the water in the pond and there is a fountain in the middle of the pond but it is not currently turned on, I assume on account of it being too cold. I can see a few pieces of trash beside the lake but that doesn’t ruin the view or the experience for me because it is a minimal amount and I can pick it up later when I leave. It is damp and wet out. The ground is somewhat muddy and there are a few puddles around but it rains sometimes, which is natural, so that can’t be avoided sometimes. In the time I’ve been here I’ve seen one person attempting to catch a fish, one person sitting on the bench on the other side of the lake, and two people standing on the other side of the lake. I also saw a few people walking down the asphalt path to get to one of the parking lots or to just enjoy the lake. It feels damp and wet but it feels good compared to the cold, dry weather that the winter brought with it. It’s getting dark but it still feels nice. It smells a little dank and damp. It also smells somewhat like fish and wet dirt. It smells the way grass smells after it rains that fresh renewed smell, like there should be a rainbow in the sky.


It might be cold out but I feel happy to be out in nature. Being out in nature but still being on campus feels good, it brings me joy to be able to stretch my legs and walk around outside in the free air even in the cold. I love being by Lake Archer and hearing the birds chirping and the geese honking and seeing the geese swimming endlessly on the water. I also enjoy seeing other people enjoying Lake Archer and the nature and renewal it brings to this suburban campus. I feel so refreshed and renewed and I feel the joy and the new strength that being out in nature brings with the experience. I feel like a new person with a new energy. I feel recharged and happy. I also finally know how beautiful Lake Archer looks at dusk. I never noticed it’s beauty before or the different kind of beauty that dusk brings to Lake Archer. I now have a new appreciation for Lake Archer and the nature it brings to this campus and how it breaks up the boring monotony that could be part of this campus that comes if I or other people let it get to us. In the time that I have been sitting here writing this I feel I have begun to gain a different point of view of Lake Archer and its beauty. I think I am beginning to awaken a love for this pond. I think I may have always had a love for this pond. I think maybe I just didn’t realize it or try to nurture that love.


So at this point I have been sitting her for an hour and as much as I love being here I should probably leave. It’s starting to get colder, my fingers are starting to freeze and I have to go to the bathroom, so I’m going to stop writing now and go home, but I will always remember that being at Lake Archer is a lovely refreshing experience and I plan to come back here often.