In Uprooted by Naomi Novik the village that the protagonist lives in is protected by a great wizard known as the Dragon. He takes a seventeen year old girl every ten years as payment for this protection and at the end of this ten years he releases her from his custody and “gives them a purse full of silver for their dowry.” (Pg. 3). No one knows what he does with the girls when he takes them but “the girls all say he never puts a hand on them.” (Pg. 3). The people of the village and those surrounding it believe that this is true, “Kasia had always said she believed the women who came back, that the Dragon didn’t put a hand on them. ‘He’s taken girls for a hundred years now,’ she always said firmly. ‘One of them would have admitted it, and word would have got out.’” (Pg. 16).

I believe that the belief that someone would have said something and word would get out if he was doing things to these girls is wrong. Even if he were laying his hands on these girls, the way I believe he is doing this to the main character, they most likely would not have said something. Most times when women are in abusive relationships or the victims of domestic abuse they keep quiet about it for many different reasons. Most often the reason is because those abusing them blame the women being abused for it, and the women eventually start to believe


it’s their fault that they are abused. Another reason they would keep quiet is the abuser threatens them with more and worse abuse if they tell anyone and so the women think that telling someone would come back to bite them in the ass or come back to forever haunt them. Another reason they would keep it to themselves is because they are ashamed of the abuse because they think that it is their fault because they let themselves fall victim to this abuse and because of this they are scared that they will be made fun of or put down or rejected because of it. A fourth reason for them not speaking up is they feel vulnerable they don’t want to be broken further because of what they believe is weakness because they did not think that they could over come the abuse and they did not think they could do anything to stop their abusers from abusing them and because of this they saw themselves as forever trapped, scarred, and haunted by this abuse. One other reason for abused women not speaking up and saying they were abused is that they fear judgement from other because they think other will blame them and condemn them for letting themselves end up in the situation of domestic abuse and say it was their fault because they put themselves in a situation to allow the abuser to abuse them.

Since we are all flawed human beings we judge others and fear the judgement of others and so we are afraid to speak out about anything and when we don’t it is because we afraid that others will judge and condemn us for what we say and do and we fear the reactions that people will give us and the things people people will say to us for speaking out for the things we believe in. I believe that women who are victimized by domestic abusers and in situations of domestic abuse should not have to fear this judgement for what they see as their fault and should not be blamed for what others have done to them. I believe that women who have been abused should have the awareness that they can speak up about what they have had done to them and should


able to speak about it freely be able to have the confidence to tell others about it and be able to see that they are loved and can be helped and released from the abuse that was done to them.