The Television series My Mad Fat Diary can be relatable to everyone in one way or another. I know that I myself have struggled with a lot of the things with which Rae herself struggles. I was once a sixteen year old going through many similar experiences.

I may seem comfortable in my body to other people but I am not. I try to act confident in front of others and attempt to seem strong but I struggle with so many things that many other people struggle with as well. Rae in the TV struggles with her body image and her size. She doesn’t think that boys will ever love her or even love her in a romantic way she sees herself as too big and fat. She thinks every boy she meets will put her in the friend zone and will never see her as more than a friend, that she will never meet a boy who loves her for who she is body size and all and sees her as more than a friend. I know that this can be hard and I struggle with finding a guy that loves you for you but I know that it is possible in the end. I have been single for most of my life, I have only been asked out once, and the relationship ended after two and a half months. I know that I can feel lonely sometimes and yes I haven’t found someone yet but I know he’s out there somewhere. I just have to find him. I know it is possible to find a guy who loves me for me.


I struggle with my own body image the way Rae does. I may not actually be fat but I am slightly overweight and I sometimes feel like no matter what I will forever be overweight no matter how hard I try to eat right and exercise to make myself skinny. I may seem comfortable with my body but I am not comfortable in my own skin no matter what other people think of me. I also know that even if I feel fat or feel insecure I know that if I really try I can become comfortable in my skin by eating right exercising, and losing weight to make myself skinny.

Rae is also struggling with the fact that she doesn’t think that she will ever be put together the way all of her friends are or seem to be. I struggle with this all the time in the same way. I have a younger brother who is going through a lot of things and has gone through some dark times and watching him go through those things without being able to do anything about it is a very hard thing for me to go through. I am also going through tough times of my own and some of them feel like I will never get through. There are times when what I’m going through or what I’m watching my brother go through is so hard that I don’t think I will be able to keep myself together and that I will fall apart and not come out of it whole. I sometimes think that I can’t show others what I’m going through and I have to keep a mask on and pretend I’m still together through it all. I’m too scared to show my hurt to others because I’m scared they will judgement instead of being there for me. Because of the fact that I don’t feel put together I feel like others are much more put together than I am and have their lives together. In spite of this I know that no one has their lives together, no is completely put together, everyone has hurts, problems, and scars, they just don’t show it.

Another thing Rae struggles with is that fact that she thinks her friends will always be beautiful but she will never be able to live up to their beauty, she will never be beautiful the way that her friends are beautiful. I struggle with this myself. I have acne and because I have of this I sometimes tell myself I’m not beautiful. I sometimes tell myself I’m ugly because I’m fat or because I don’t look like other girls. I tell myself I need to be skinny in order to be beautiful. I have realized recently that I am beautiful, it may not be outer beauty but I have inner beauty. I am beautiful because I have a sunny, happy personality. I am beautiful because I am different, I stand out, I don’t blend in. I may not have the worlds definition of beauty but I am still beautiful and I know that.


In My Mad Fat Diary, Rae struggles with many things that almost every sixteen year old girl goes through even if she feels like she is the only one who will ever go through them. I struggle with most of what she struggles with through her teenage years. Granted She was a mental hospital for four months and most teenage girls can’t relate to that, Rae is still relatable to other teenage girls in her struggles otherwise.