One of the many things that come up repeatedly in The Outsiders is the idea of fighting. Usually it’s when it comes up in the book it means physically fighting in a rumble most of the time for a place in society but other times for turf, even though this is the obvious meaning, there also seem to be implied meanings to fighting. It seems that it could mean fighting for your life, to stay alive physically, mentally, spiritually, or in any other ways, such as fighting against a mental illness, or some sort of trauma, fighting to go on when someone dies, fighting to keep your family together, or fighting the things that seem to come up against and challenge the things you believe whether morally, or religiously. Everyone has to fight against something in their lives at some time or another, some people more than others.

One specific thing about fighting that stuck out to me was something that the main character of the book, Ponyboy,, said about how even though everyone has to fight at some point in their lives, we all have different reasons for fighting, “I had it then. Soda fought for fun, Steve for hatred, Darry for pride, and Two-Bit for conformity. Why do I fight? I thought, and couldn’t think of any real good reason. There isn’t any real good reason for fighting except for self- defense.” (185). This is true to life and I love that he had this thought because we all need a reason to fight. Without this reason we would never be able to win the fight and defeat whatever it is we are fighting against whether it’s cancer or own temptations and cravings physically, mentally, or spiritually, in the same way Ponyboy his gang won their fight, “‘We won,’ Darry announced in a tired voice. He was going to have a black eye and there was a cut across his forehead. ‘We beat the Socs!’” (196). They only won because they had a reason to fight and to win, the same way our reason might be family, friends, love, or moral or religious beliefs.

I also love this because it applies to me personally in that I am a Christian and profess this openly to others and as such I have many battles in which I have either come up against satan or one of his demons in a fight of spiritual warfare as well as many physical fights against those who challenge and question my beliefs. I believe that Jesus Christ as the Son of God died on the cross for my sins as well as the sins of anyone who has lived in the past, is currently living, or will live in the future. I also believe that because of this he won the battle against Satan, our enemy, and when the end times truly come Satan will be cast into the lake of fire and God will rule on earth forever and I believe that I am going to heaven because I have confessed my sins and put my faith in God as my lord and savior. This has become my reason to fight and to win. I want others to see my belief that the enemy has already been overcome by God and so I can overcome him with God’s help and thus overcome anything and anyone and win any fight you enter into, so that through my testimony of this belief they want to have this confidence and this belief so that they can have someone on their side that they can put their faith in ad help them to overcome their enemies and win any fight they choose to fight. I have not won every fight that I chose but that was only because I wavered in my faith in God and forgot what I was fighting for, forgot my reason for fighting and when this happened I made sure I remembered my reasons for fight these battles and put it in God hands, so that through him the battles would be won and thus in many ways I have won every single fight I chose. So even when I forget my reasons for fighting and I lose a fight I have won it because I won it through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We all have reasons to fight let’s hope we don’t forget those reasons because the only way we are going to win our fights is by remembering our reasons for fighting them.