Here’s why I loved the Young Adult and Adolescent Literature class I took in college

Overall I loved Young Adult Literature as a class. I loved the books we were assigned in this class. I also loved the other reading assignments we were given outside of the books we were assigned. I also loved discussing the the topics we went over in class.

I loved reading The Outsiders and discussing it in class. I loved how we talked about it as a coming of age novel and what defines it as a coming of age novel. I loved it because it showed the story from the point of view of the outcasts, the outsiders, and not from the point of view of the privileged and those who were socially accepted. It also showed how depending on where you are in society you see things very differently from those in other positions in society and those in other positions in society see you differently depending on where you are in society. I love how we talked about the fact that each character in the book is the way they are because of their experiences and their reaction to these experiences and even the way others that them. One thing I wish we talked more about innocence and the loss of innocence in this book.

This One Summer was one of my favorite books in this class. I loved reading it because it was a graphic novel and it was easy to read. I loved discussing it in class as a coming of age novel and a novel that illustrates the loss of naivety and a loss of innocence. I loved it because it was in the point of view of a girl who realizes that she is naive and innocent and knows that she needs to eventually lose this innocence and naivety but still hold on to being like a child and her childhood even if she is no longer a child. I would have liked to talk more about how our experiences and our choices shape how we view the world and the person we become as illustrated in this book.


I didn’t really like reading Monster all that much. This book was really hard to read because of the format it was written in and it just seemed to have an extremely biased view of the events and situations in it and usually this bias was against the main character, Steve Harmon, who is basically narrating the whole story. I did enjoy our discussion in class about how this book illustrates just how messed up our justice system truly is and how it can be fixed but it will be hard to fix it.

I loved reading Tale of Despereaux because to was more of a children’s loveland I have always loved reading children’s books, which is one of the reason’s I want to be a children’s librarian. I loved how it was easy to read but at the same time challenging because it acknowledges the readers transition to being a young adult by asking them questions and making them think and answering the questions the author knows that the reader can’t answer but themselves. I loved our class discussion about the hero quest in this book.

Ash was another one of my favorite books to read in this class. I have always loved the story of Cinderella, so I have always tried to read as many different versions, re-writes, and re-mythologizations of the story as I possibly could. I love that this one is a version with a gay Cinderella who goes for the King’s Huntress rather than the prince. I liked this because it shows young adults that it is okay not to be attracted to those of the opposite sex and that they can love who they want. I enjoyed our discussion about how this book disproves and shows a lot the myths we believe. I would have liked to go more into the hero quest played out in this book.


I loved reading Harry Potter because it love Harry Potter, they are awesome books about wizards and dragons and magic. I enjoyed our discussion about good and evil being not black and white and the blurred lines that come with it and how certain traits do not mean that someone is good or someone is evil.

I had a hard time reading the Giver. It was in general hard to read and most of the characters were kind of a-holes. I loved the book and the storyline it was just hard to read. I loved our discussion about what is “right” and what it means to “live happily”. I would have liked to go into more discussion of what the hero quest was in this story.

I enjoyed reading Thirteen Reasons Why. I loved that it came from the perspective of the person committing the suicide and it helped to understand what was going on in their mind and what they were going through but it was also hard to read because it was poorly executed in the way it was written. I did not like the fact that it glamorized suicide, when suicide is a very serious thing that needs to be talked about. I enjoyed our discussion in class about how suicide is a hard topic to talk about but needs to be talked about and about how we need to talk to those who are showing suicidal tendencies and let them know we are there for them and that we care about them. My younger brother wound up in the ICU because of a failed attempt at suicide and it wasn’t glamorous, it was even pretty. I broke down when I found out and I cried so much. I wasn’t able to hold myself together and because of that I didn’t go see him the first day he was in the hospital.


Overall I loved this class but there were a few this I would have liked to see more of and discussed more about. I would have liked to discuss the hero quest more. I also wanted to discuss more of the ideas of innocence and loss of innocence. I also would have liked to discuss suicide more and the things that surround that topic. Other than that I loved the class and I hope my experience in this class helps me later in my career a Children’s Librarian.