I am now out of things to write on this blog for you guys, but I’ve been writing poetry since this past August, So I’ve decided to share it with you for my next series of blogs. Most of the poetry is ars poetica (poetry about poetry) and the rest of it is based on my personal experiences. Here are the first two poems:

Poetry, Poetry

By Rae May

Everyone says I should write, Poetry

What about you,

Do you think so?

Should I? Poetry

Poetry, should I write poetry

If you think so,

And I am sure you do

Maybe I should, Poetry

Poetry, Poetry

Everyone says I should, Poetry

Writing could be fun

You probably think I should, Poetry

Am I the type of person

To write poetry

I am, Poetry

Or am I not?

I am not, Poetry

Poetry, Poetry

I am or I am not

But, Poetry, I will


I Was Told to Write a Poem


By Rae May

So I did

I wrote it tall

I wrote it long

I wrote it short

I wrote it fat

I wrote it skinny

I wrote it for me

I wrote it for you

I wrote a poem

So here it is

It’s not too tall, it’s not too short

It’s not too skinny or fat, not too long

The poem I was told to write

I wrote it down for you

Here’s the poem

Down on paper

I was told to write it

So I wrote it

Just for you