Hey guys sorry this post is late, but at least you get one this week. I got so caught up in everything else I needed to do and get done that I forgot to post a blog. I know this one is a day late but here it is more poetry as I promised.

Poetry is


By Rae May

Something that people talk about

What is poetry?

It’s this thing

People tell me I should write

What is poetry?

Poetry is something

Something material

Words on paper


What is poetry?

It’s a thing


I can’t find words for

A thing I can’t say

I don’t know

People have never told me

What is poetry?

It’s an art

I can’t explain

What is poetry?




By Rae May

The dirty dishes

In the sink


The laundry

In the dryer


The vacuum

In the closet


The broom and the mop

On their hooks


The poetry

In my notebook

Written to perfection

Nothing on my list

Was done today

Except maybe

The poetry I wrote

As I go to bed tonight

So the poems that I posted here are Ars Poetica, which, for those of you who don’t know what that means, is poetry about reading poetry, writing poetry, or about the poetry itself. I also have lots of other poetry that I have written about y own personal experiences in my life and I am still writing more and will continue to do so and I plan on sharing it all with you guys.

So I guess you guys will hear from me again next Friday and I will have more beautiful lovely nonsense to share with you guys then, talk to ya later.