Um, yeah, so I know I keep getting these posts out late, and I’m just gonna say that is because, well, life, I have other things I need to do as well like work. I like actually have a job and stuff, causing I’m adulting and everything, so please don’t complain cause even if my posts are late I still do one for you guys every week. Yeah I know that this one’s late, be happy I still actually wrote it.

So guess what, guys? I’m going to Disney World with my family in April, from the 7th to the 12th. I’m so excited to go down. It’s gonna be so fun.

I’ve only been down to Disney World once and that was in 2013 and my parents haven’t been down there since their honeymoon, so I’m excited to go back. This will be my sister’s first time going down and she’s 14. Since I’m the only one in the family who has gone down recently I’m going to be the tour guide for the trip. I get to pick what when do when and what rides we go on and what shows we see and when and where we eat and when.

Here’s the itinerary I have so far:


Magic Kingdom:

Splash Mountain fast pass: 5:00pm

Mickey’s Philharmagic fast pass: 6:00pm


Hollywood Studios:

Beauty and the Beast: 1:00pm

Tower of Terror fast passes: 2:00pm

Toy Story Mania fast passes: 3:00pm

Fantasmic: 8:30pm



Test Track fast pass: 1:00pm

RELAUNCHED! Mission: Space: fast pass: 2:00pm

Voices of Liberty: 4:05pm

American Adventure: 4:30pm

Impressions de France: 5:45pm


Animal Kingdom:

Finding Nemo: 11:00am

Expedition Everest fast pass: 2:00pm

Dinosaur fast pass: 3:00pm

Lion King: 5:00pm

Rivers of Light: 8:45pm


Magic Kingdom:

Space Mountain fast pass: 2:00pm

Festival of Fantasy: 3:00pm

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin fast pass: 4:00pm

Happily Ever After: 8:00pm

Water Pageant: 10:35pm

I’m obviously not done with it yet. As you can clearly see I still need to pick out where to eat and when but most of the planning on my part is done.

This is gonna be so awesome. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! Feel free to comment on this post to let me know any hints you have or if you have ideas of what else we should do while we’re down there. I’ve only been down there once and I didn’t get to experience everything, so I do need a little help with my planning.

So I’ll have a new blog for you guys posted (cross your fingers) next Friday, until then fair well, be safe, have fun, and have an awesome week. Talk to you later, ta ta for now, got to go, and all of that.