Hey guys. So I know I keep posting these blogs late and at the moment that seems to be because Sunday seems to be the only day of the week that I really actually have time to write them, so I have decided to move my blog posting day to Sunday because it seems to be the only day I can actually get it done.

Anyway, Here, like I promised, is some more of my poetry for your enjoyment:



By Rae May

Park the bike in the lobby

Where’s my name badge?

In the front pocket

Punch in

Gotta do carts

I’ll take one of those

What? What?

I couldn’t hear you

I’ll take one of those

Ow! That was my toe

Do you have any little red baskets?

How many returns are there?

Can you get them done?

I need to check the bathroom

Are you vacuuming tonight?

I already did

I need more bags

We’re out of paper

Are you going back to school? No

Finally, It’s 8 O’clock


Poetry Feast


By Rae May

Books on the floor

Remain unread

Except the poetry

I read the poetry

I eat the poetry whole

I feast on it

Feast and feast until I’m full

And feat more

Until I throw up

Regurgitate it on the page

My mind up chucks the poetry

In verses of my own

I rewrite the poetry

In my own words

Make it my own

Then I feast some more

Repeat until there is no more

No more poetry to write

To read

To regurgitate


So the first poem is about the job that I used to have I was originally hired as cashier but I had a low till too many times in the same month so I was demoted to a cart girl/bagger but since then I have been promoted back to cashier all at the same grocery store. The second one is Ars Poetica, which I mentioned in past posts is poetry about poetry. That’s what I have for you lovelies today. I will have another wonderful post for you next Sunday, but until then be awesome, have fun, have a great week, see ya later, talk to you later, ta ta for now, later alligator, got to go, be back soon.