So I know that the whole “I’m gonna post a blog every week” thing isn’t working so I’m just gonna try to post something every single day so that way you will most likely get at least one post per week. Some of them may be really short because of that and hopefully I won’t run out of things to post about. You’ll know when I start to run out of ideas because I’ll probably post like less than once a week.

Anyhoo, there was a power outage at work today. It kind of made my day more interesting and it gave me good story to tell. So everyone was going about their business when suddenly the lights went out and the generator came on. So then the managers had to take string and put it across the doors of all the freezers so that no one would use them and so that we would lose less products and then they had to recruit as many employees as they could to empty out as many of the coolers as they could and put the products in a colder place in order to have less damaged goods to throw out and add to the already existing loss. So this happened around 1:45 and the power came back on around 3:30, so we had no power for about an hour and a half so that was fun. At that point I had only about two hours left of my shift. I found out that the reason the power went out was because one of the ladies who worked at one of the other stores in the plaza was driving out from behind the buildings in the plaza so fast that when she came around the corner she hopped the curb and ran into the transformer. I ended up cleaning registers because we were really slow at that point and there wasn’t much else to do and I also somehow ended up going out to the parking lot and bringing in several of the carts that were left in the corrals.

I almost had a panic attack shortly after the power went out. So that was fun. I thought I was gonna start crying and I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end of my shift without breaking down. I got really scared and so I had to pray and ask God to help me make it through cause I was at the end of my rope and I needed God to show me where the beginning of his rope was so that I could grab hold and have him grab my other hand and hold on tight. I had to keep praying through the rest of my shift so that I could keep going without breaking down or crying or having a panic attack or anything like that cause the only way I would have gotten through the rest of the shift was by trusting God to get me through it.

So that was how my day went. How was yours?

Hopefully you’ll hear from me again tomorrow. Bye!