Hey guys here’s some more poetry for you:



by Rae May

Is it time to go home yet?

I’m so tired

I just want to go home and watch a movie

Can I just punch out early and

Still get paid?

Can I be home now, like just teleport?

I have to ride my bike

Finally I’m home

Gotta unpack

Where’s that DVD?

C’mon load faster, I wanna watch it

How long is this movie?

Okay I can still get to bed early

When is this gonna end?

I wanna go to sleep

Finally it’s over

Maybe some music before bed

How long is this damn song?

Ah, sleep, finally, I am exhausted


Doctor Who?


By Rae May

Always running, running,


Mostly from himself

Traveling through time and


A danger to everyone

Including himself

So many countless companions

He’s had to travel with

So many different versions of


I’m the Doctor

John Smith

John Disco

So many names

He’s given for himself

Never saying who he is

But in the end they all ask

The same question

Doctor Who?


As you can see these ones are pretty straight forward and they don’t really require me to give you guys any further information about them to help you understand them.

Hopefully I’ll have something more to tell you tomorrow. Bye, talk to you all later.