Here’s some more of my poetry for you guys. The first one is how I used to feel about one of my close guy friends who I like as potentially more than a friend  but will never have a chance with because he came out as gay a few years back and, yes, his name is actually, Scott, I did not change his name for the title. The second one is about that time of the month and the women who read this blog and still experience that time of the month will understand it and how awful it can be.



By Rae May

I love you

But I’ll never tell you that

Out loud

I miss you

I want to be with you all the time

You wrap your arms around me

I feel safe

You hug me

I feel at home

I feel comfortable around you

I wish I could be with you always

I can say anything to you and

Not feel judged

I can curse and fume and rant

You understand me

Your embrace is where I want

To stay

I love you but I won’t say that to you out loud

You are more than a best friend

You are my other half




By Rae may

Oh, the pain

The blood

The cramps

Here it comes again

Another tampon in the trash

It’s okay, everything’s alright

You’re fine

Breathe and keep going

Just pretend everything’s good

Get through this and it’ll be


There it is again

More cramps and pain

Breathe, calm down

Now take your shoes off

Take the pills and you’ll feel better

Oh, it hurts!

Just change the tampon and it’ll be


Periods just suck…


There ya go, more beautiful, lovely poetry for your enjoyment. Hope you like it. Hopefully I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow. Goodbye. Ta ta for Now. Talk to You Later. L8r G8r. Bye Bye. Got 2 Go. See ya Later.