Hey guys! Here is some more of my poetry for your enjoyment:



By Rae May

Oh, it hurts!

Can I not feel this right now?

Can I just feel bliss?

The aching, searing, tearing

Hurt and more hurt

Where is it all from?

What crap did I do?

I wish it would go away

Just disappear

I want to lie on a cloud

Cloud 9 to be specific

I can feel it too much

The physicality, mentality, spirituality

Why? Why? Why?

Physical, mental, spiritual

The hurt, swirling, tumbling

inside of me

Tossing, turning, through my




By Rae May

Hot afternoon sun

Shining down

On my face

Lying in the grass

Butterflies floating past

I have a book on my chest

Glass of lemonade next to me

But I wish I had a hammock

Lay all day and sleep

In the sun

Just stay here forever

Never doing anything

Not getting up

Don’t even pick up my book

To finish reading

Never mind the work

I need to do in the yard


Just be here

In the late afternoon

The first poem is about how it was going through a painful and rough time in my life when I wrote it and the second one is about how happy I was the day I wrote it.

Bye-bye. See ya later. Got 2 go. G2G. Later alligator. Hasta La Vista. Hasta Lasagna. Salut.