It’s been a while since I posted something but here is some more poetry for your enjoyment:



By Rae May

Sunny skies


Popsicles and watermelons

Juice dripping down your chin

No school

No where to go

The grill with burgers, dogs

Swimming, pool or beach

Cool bathing suits to boot

With great towels on the side

Let’s go somewhere

Hang out

Nothing else to do

Cool rain, refreshing

Lying on the beach

Picnic in hand

Lying in the grass

Don’t have any money

We’ll go somewhere free

That’s what summer’s about



By Rae May

Falling, falling

Unhinging into darkness

Rolling, writhing, uncertain

Never coming out

Until daylight shows its face

Tumbling, crawling

Through the night

Tossing, turning

Where am I?

Sweating, running

From the monster

Inside my head

Wanting to get out

Shivering, climbing

To the sky

Until I fall

Into sleep

Just to wake

From the nightmare

In my head

These two poems are based on more of my personal experiences. The first poem is kind of about the memories of all my summers rolled into one poem. The second one is what tends to happen to me when I sleep at night. Well anyway, Bye-bye. See ya. Later Alligator. G2G. Got 2 go. Hasta La Vista. Hasta Lasagna. Salut.