Hey guys. I wrote my first short story the other day. I wrote it for a writing prompt assessment for a new job. I figured I would post it here for your enjoyment. It doesn’t have a title yet but I’ll think of one eventually. Well here it is:

 As I headed into the bank for this heist I knew what I needed to do but I had a sudden apprehension hit me as soon as I pushed the door open. I could hear Minhee over the radio in my earpiece but her words weren’t registering my mind was elsewhere. As she spoke I was thinking about how I was about to ruin one of the best relationships I had ever had by breaking the heart of the sweetest woman in the world. I had met Margo about a two and a half years before and six months after we met we started a steady relationship. I had met other great women in my time but I knew she was the one I wanted to spend eternity with and here I was about to wreck the whole thing by robbing the bank where she just so happened to be a teller. 

     We had been planning this heist for months now. The mission was for me to sweet talk Margo into letting me get into the vault get the priceless gems in the three of the safe deposit boxes, get out and meet Minhee at the getaway van. I had fallen on hard times and being the idiot that I was I had agreed to do it when Minhee had the idea to rob a bank. I guess I wasn’t thinking at the time but at this point there was no backing out I just had to get up my nerves and just do it despite the fact that I was about to lose the woman I loved. We had agreed that it would be a peaceful mission, no guns, no weapons, just clever words and my own two hands if I needed to defend myself. 

     Minhee was saying something in my ear. “Do you copy? Dan? Dan? Are you still there?”

     “Sorry, What?”

     “I said your all clear to go, do you copy?”

     “Copy, that.”

     “Okay, now get your head out of the clouds and get this done. Do you have a visual of the subject?”

     “Yes, she’s in my line of sight. Remind me never to agree with another one of your ideas.”

     “Maybe, maybe not, you’ll have to wait and see if we get out of this alive first.”

     I could see Margo at this point, she had beautiful blue eyes the color of midnight. Her stature being small with her height at 5 feet 2 inches, being 28 years old. That day she was wearing a dress I had bought for her about 6 weeks before, it was a bright royal blue, knee length and backless with puffy short sleeves, she paired it with some blue and white horizontally striped leggings and some silver boot heels. She looked very elegant with her hair in a complicated braid pattern and her cute looking nose and cupid’s bow lips.

     I walked up to the counter and the first words out of my were “Hello beautiful, what’s pretty lady like you doing in a place like this?”

     As she is surprised to she me she said with much astonishment, “Well, Hi handsome, come to sweep me off my feet, and take me away on your white horse to your fairy tale castle?”

     “Not quite.”

     “Well, if that’s not it I’m someone as handsome and well dressed as you would have plenty enough money to open up an account here.”

     “Actually, I came to get a behind the scenes tour of the bank, a tour of sorts, anyway.” 

     “I have some time on my hands now while were slow, so I can give you a tour of the bank.”

     She moved around the counter I thought What am I gonna do without this beautiful woman in my life?

     “Right this way,” she says as she gestured with a flourish toward the employees only door and I slowly opened it for her to walk through.

     As we walked past offices going deeper and deeper into the bowels of the building my apprehension and doubts grew like weeds in the pit of my stomach, and I asked if there is anyway we can see the vault and maybe go inside. 

     “Why, yes we can go see the vault, but unless you have an account here we can’t go inside. Why do you ask?”

     “I was planning on making a withdrawal.” I say with as much nonchalance as I could possibly put into my voice as that moment, which was extremely difficult as I had started to lose my nerve as soon as we had entered through the employee door.

     She stopped abruptly as she asked, “What do mean by ‘making a withdrawal”? What kind of withdrawal? Daniel, you don’t mean……?” her voice trailed off not bothering to finish the sentence as it dawned on her what I meant. 

     I all the while kept walking not bothering to stop for fear I would completely lose my nerve and just give up then and there. I left her there, to sputter and fume. I then heard her as she yelled at me in the distance, “DANIEL XAVIER CHANCE KIM DON’T YOU DARE DO THIS IF YOU DO WE ARE OVER FOREVER!” 

    I just ignored this as I had thought about it for months before hand and knew that was the the only outcome no matter what happened. I just kept going and going and step by step got closer and closer to the vault. I could see the man guarding the vault at this point. I could take him. His height was somewhere between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 10 inches, and he seemed scrawny with not too many muscles. I thought How the heck did this guy get a job guarding a bank vault, he looks like he’s still in college? He had no facial hair he looked like he was about 20 or 21, his short cropped hair was a dark auburn and he looked like he was fresh out of a university.

    I walked straight up to him and said, “I need to get in the vault right now. I need to get my grandmothers jewels for her because she needs them for a fancy soiree.” 

    “I’m sorry sir I can’t let you into the vault unless you have an account, a key, and are accompanied by an official member of the banks staff.” No emotion whatsoever shown in the way he said it.

     “Yes you can.” I pushed him aside a hard as I possibly could but as soon as I reached to put in the combination he had me by the shoulders but I elbowed him in the stomach. He let go, the wind knocked out of him. I almost had the full combination in when he was up once again. This time he kneed me in the back forcing me to the ground but I had enough strength left to get up and as I did so I went for an uppercut. He swerved out of the way and caused me to trip so I was off balance. He caught me and grabbed me. He then punched me in the jaw and pulled my arm behind my back so far that that bone broke. He then turned me around and forced me to the ground so hard that my leg was broken as well.

     I blacked out from the enormous amount of pain I was in and woke up to find myself with two police officers inside an ambulance on the way to a hospital with two other police cars escorting us.

That’s all I have for now. Well anyway, Bye-bye. See ya. Later Alligator. G2G. Got 2 go. Hasta La Vista. Hasta Lasagna. Salut.