Here is some poetry for your enjoyment:



By Rae Mae

I saw you walk in

Knew I wanted you

Thought I loved you


For you

Wanting to be with you

Maybe I love you

Spill my secrets to you

You make me feel


I feel loved around you

Wish you could be mine

That day you were suddenly


A new person

To me

I wished I was yours

You were mine

At least I’m in like with you

Maybe one day love

My Brother


By Rae May

Comes home drunk

Obnoxious, loud

Eyes blood shot

Probably high too

Most likely coke, or pot

Smoking a cigarette

This is normal

Tumbling, falling

Into an abyss

That’s calling his name

Works full time

But weekends mean being trashed

To hell and back

In my opinion

I love him

Can’t watch him act this way

His life in the garbage

Been in the abyss for years

Probably won’t come out

For a few more

Both of these poems are from my personal experience. The first one is about how I used to have a crush on a guy I knew from homeschooling and I still go to church camp with him. The second one is about how my younger brother used to be a drug addict and an alcoholic but he has now been sober for about a year or so and has gotten and is getting the help he needs. That’s all I have for now. Well anyway, Bye-bye. See ya. Later Alligator. G2G. Got 2 go. Hasta La Vista. Hasta Lasagna. Salut.