Hey guys it’s been a couple days but here’s some poetry for your enjoyment:



By Rae May

Should I?

Should I not?

Where did that

Happy-go-lucky little

Girl go?

How can I find her?

Get her back?

Pills calling my name

That knife looks appealing

Should I down the


Slit my wrists

Should I

Put the bottle


Leave the knife


Or do I enter the abyss of self-harm?

Kill myself

And enter nothingness?



By Rae May

I love you

With all my heart

Love you

To the core

I feel like myself

Around you

Can talk to you about


Tell you

All my secrets

I wish we

Could be more than friends

Not when one of us

Is straight

I want to

Curl up in your arms

Stay there

Cry myself to


I would feel safe there

These two poems are more of my poems about my personal experience. The first one was about a time in my life when I was extremely depressed, so depressed that I was contemplating committing suicide but I couldn’t bring myself to do it or bring myself to tell anyone. I’m back on track now and have found solace, hope, love, peace, joy, and a reason to live in God and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The second one is about how I felt about my best friend when I first met her. That was before I knew she was Bisexual which was I wrote that one of us was straight. I had a crush on her at that point which is why I said in the poem that I wanted to be more than friends. That was when we were still getting acquainted and getting to get to know each other, before were really comfortable with one another and I got over her shortly, probably a few months, after we first met. For those of you who are new around here and haven’t read my other blog posts, I recently had to end my friendship with her for certain reasons, which I wrote in another post, which is here: https://literaturegirlblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/losing-my-best-friend/

That’s all I have to say about that. Well anyway, Bye-bye. See ya. Later Alligator. G2G. Got 2 go. Hasta La Vista. Hasta Lasagna. Salut.