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The Cambodian Genocide

There were approximately 2 million people who died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge government in the Cambodian Genocide 1975 through 1979. These were killed under the command of Pol Pot and his party of Stalinist-Marxist, Maoist Communist party... Continue Reading →


Betrothal and Marriage in the Time of Shakespeare

In Shakespeare’s time betrothal and marriage was very different from the way and traditions that exist today, as were the interactions that were allowed between men and women before marriage. Marriage was most of the time not based on love... Continue Reading →

“It’s only forever Not long at all Lost and lonely That’s underground, Underground…”

Contemporary Lit discussion promptWe have, in this course, read about and discussed the significance of allusion as a method of understanding the contemporary. Allusion is often a shortcut to meaning (as are symbols and other related tropes). White Teeth by... Continue Reading →

Oh Brave New World, that has such people in’t!!

Contemporary Lit Discussion Prompt: As we conclude White Teeth, it is a good idea to practice our skills at close reading. Close reading is a technique of literary criticism practiced originally by the New Critics in the early part of... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Reasons Why Playlist

Here is a playlist I made based on Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher that I made for the final project in my Young Adult Literature class: I chose to do a playlist based on the book Thirteen Reasons Why... Continue Reading →

Texting In Literature

Here is the actual paper that I wrote for my History of the English Language Project: Texting has become extremely popular in today’s society and it is still becoming more and more popular especially among the younger generations. In the... Continue Reading →

It’s All In His Head

Contemporary Literature discussion prompt: Robert Eaglestone points out that an old idea about the novel was that it was "seen as a place where a national tradition revealed and reinforced a community, a 'we'" (4). He continues to suggest that... Continue Reading →

Project Proposal

Here is a proposal that I wrote for a project I had to do for my History of the English Language class. It consisted of a short power point with a handout and a 10 to 15 page paper along... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Vs. Plutarch

Shakespeare based his tragedy Julius Caesar upon the Sir Thomas North’s English Translation of Plutarch’s Lives of The Noble Grecians and Romanes. Despite the fact that he used this as the basis for this tragedy, he made some small changes... Continue Reading →

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