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Perpetuating Prophecy

Antoinette, the main character in Wide Sargasso Sea suffers many tragedies throughout her life, which end in her going completely mentally insane. She ends up going completely mad in the end of the story. Everyone expected her to go mad... Continue Reading →


Facing Down Her Demons to Show Her Independence

Here is the final paper that I wrote my Women's Literature class in college: I believe in many ways Justice League: A League of One falls under the category of Feminist Literature. First of all it shows and portrays a... Continue Reading →

Gender and The Division of Labor

A. “A Woman’s Work is Never Done” A complaining and lamenting ballad The “I” in the song is supposedly a married women. A song for maidens to warn about married life. Married women lived a stolid life full of constant... Continue Reading →

The Merchant of Venice Contexts #2

1. There are many ways in which Richard Paul Roe gives insight to our understanding of Shakespeare’s Italy in The Merchant of Venice. First he talks about the ships that the merchant, Antonio, uses are foreign, not Italian ships. Roe... Continue Reading →

The Dragon-Girls

In Uprooted by Naomi Novik the village that the protagonist lives in is protected by a great wizard known as the Dragon. He takes a seventeen year old girl every ten years as payment for this protection and at the... Continue Reading →

The Merchant of Venice and Religion

1. From A True, Sincere, and Modest Defense of English Catholics by William Allen 1.1. William Allen studied at Oxford during the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I 1.2. He was a Catholic, which was against the law, and... Continue Reading →

Food Deserts

The people of the United States have a sense of consumerism and a sense of entitlement and greed, so much so that they no longer take what is necessary to live and leave it at that but they want more... Continue Reading →

Lake Archer and Its Beauty

Today I am sitting in a small square pavilion by Lake Archer at Delaware Valley University. Lake Archer is a small man-made pond in the middle of the small DelVal campus. The pond is surrounded mostly by trees and a... Continue Reading →

Cultural Contexts of The Merchant of Venice

Character: In its most general literary sense, a character is a figure in a literary work. That figure need not be human, although most characters are. Characters may be animals or even nonliving entities, provided that the author characterizes them... Continue Reading →

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